CANTON, Ohio, June 17, 2022 – US Acute Care Solutions (USACS) has announced a reorganization of its national structure into six divisions under the direction of Matt Patlovany, MD, President and Chief Clinical Officer (CCO).

USACS is pleased to name the following National Divisions, Division Presidents, and Regional Vice Presidents (RVPs), as follows, effective July 1: 

Central Mountain Division

President: Britney Anderson, MD

Regional Vice President: Brian Crawford, MD

Regional Vice President: Jorge Santibanez, MD

South Division

President: Jennifer Bradstreet, MD

Regional Vice President: Paul Goen, MD

Regional Vice President: Irfan Hydari, MD

Regional Vice President: Tony Martinez, MD

Northeast Division

President: Martin Brown, MD

Regional Vice President: John Janikas, MD

Regional Vice President: Andrew Jenis, MD

Regional Vice President: Noah Keller, DO

Regional Vice President: Drew White, MD 

North Division

President: Tina Latimer, MD

Regional Vice President: Mike Argus, MD

Regional Vice President: Rich Hausrod, MD

Regional Vice President: Bobby Kapur, MD

Regional Vice President: Mark Slabinski, MD

Southeast Division
President: Brandon Lewis, DO

Regional Vice President: Brian Baker, PA, MBA

Regional Vice President: Bruce Burns, MD

Regional Vice President: Ben Morel, MD

West Division

President: Mike Osmundson, MD

Regional Vice President: Harneet Bath, MD

Regional Vice President: Marc Hudock, PA-C

Regional Vice President: Kirsten Mewaldt, MD

Reporting directly to the CCO, the USACS Presidents are each responsible for overseeing a division delivering high quality care to approximately one million patients each year. As executive physician-leaders, they provide strategic leadership and oversight of financial performance, engagement, integration, leadership development, and management of all aspects of the practice.

USACS RVPs report to their respective Division President and provide leadership to multiple programs and sites of service. They work primarily with System Medical Directors, Medical Directors, Divisional Advanced Practice Provider (APP) Directors, nursing leadership, and hospital administration to ensure the patient care delivery model achieves high quality outcomes, exceeds key patient and operational metrics, and meets financial performance goals.

“We’ve grown significantly in the last twelve months, and this reorganization is a necessary component of our strategy to continue meeting the needs of our hospital partners by ensuring only the highest levels of communication, service, and patient care,” said Matt Patlovany, MD. “Our Presidents and RVPs are each uniquely qualified and diverse in background, experience, and expertise. Their candidacy and dedication to excellence in both clinical and business operations is a testament to our pursuit of a perfected, distributed, and perpetual physician-owned and physician-led service model.”


Founded by emergency medicine and hospitalist physicians across the country, USACS is solely owned by its physicians and hospital system partners. The group is a national leader in integrated acute care, including emergency medicine, hospitalist and critical care services. USACS provides high-quality care to approximately nine million patients annually across more than 500 programs and is aligned with many of the leading health systems in the country. Visit for more.


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